Pablo asked his friend chris some dumb questions…

“How do you know if someone’s a top or a bottom?”

That particular dumb question formed the basis of episode 2 of season 1, “Tops and Bottoms.”

Pablo’s a straight dude. Chris is a gay dude. Most of the time, that didn’t factor into their friendship, but every once in a while Pablo asked something stupid, as in case-in-point Exhibit A above.

Over time, Pablo and Chris got comfortable enough as friends to talk about sex and relationships. Eventually, something occurred to Pablo: He didn’t see friendships like his and Chris’s represented in film. There were either shows that catered to a gay male audience or a “general market” show with gay characters.

Pablo thought there was a story and a dynamic to be explored, and he thought it should probably be told as a series. Unfortunately, Pablo had no filmmaking skills. So, he shelved the idea for a while, until, years later, it occurred to him that his friend Alison has the skill set to bring the story to life.

Pablo showed her the scripts. Alison agreed to help out. That’s how the story began.

STRAY is a comedy series about a couple of friends, one of whom is — you guessed it — a straight dude who puts his foot in his mouth when speaking with his gay buddy. More broadly, the show is about stereotypes and clueless allies and people of underrepresented groups who make their own assumptions.